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Accurate progressing towards ISO9001 certification

ISO 9001:2015 Certification Progress Report:  Dated 3/12/18


Following is a short description of Richard Hess who is leading out team in the certification process:

I started my career in Dallas, Texas with Texas Instruments (TI) and had the challenge of working on a wide range of projects from simple automation in the manufacture of integrated circuits to the beginnings of vision-aided manufacturing.  I also participated in the design and development of a mini robot system that lead to the installation of over 50 robots in TI’s manufacturing plants. I also had the opportunity to working on the Mars-Jupiter flyby satellite that is still in space today.

Since then I have worked for several companies that specialized in automated assembly and manufacturing.  This experience covered a wide range of products and equipment including:

  • robotic painting of products, including automobiles
  • design and installation of automated fabric handling and sewing machines
  • automated packaging equipment and materials
  • design of fabrication equipment and tools for the manufacture of flexible metal assemblies for the automotive industry and other companies.

I also spent some time as a patent examiner in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  This experience was particularly important to me because I am an inventor on 10 patents.

My first contact with ISO certification was at Bowles Fluidics Corporation.  This company makes small precision plastic components for the automotive industry.  Automotive suppliers are required to not only to have a quality management system that meets ISO standards, but must also meet QS9000 standards.  QS9000 is a set of standards that take ISO standards and adds additional requirements set by the various automotive companies.  I was a key player in getting the QS9000 certification for Bowles Fluidics Corporation.  I also became a certified lead assessor in ISO 9000.

Since I helped create the first ISO compliant quality management system and manual for Accurate Plastics & Mold back in 2003, I was excited to help upgrade this quality system to meet the current ISO9001:2015 standard.  We have completed the revision of the 8 of the 10 sections required by the current standard.  We expect to complete the revision process by March 23, 2018 and hope to be able to schedule the initial audit of the quality management system during the month of June or July of this year.

An ISO9001:2015 certification for Accurate Plastics & Mold should not only fulfill a requirement of an existing customer, but also should allow the company to seek additional business from companies that only do business with organizations that have ISO certified quality management systems in place.